Your pet deserves the best. Especially healthy pet food. whether you breed dogs for sale or own a do it yourself dog wash, your dog need healthy dog food! Every type: healthy dog business, healthy dog snacks, and sometimes the healthiest dog food is is the best dog food. Keep your dog a happy dog – after he’s had a dog wash, clean him up with dog grooming supplies, then make him smile with dog toys.But don’t forget about your cat! He/she needs healthy cat food – the best cat food. And you can get it right here at! We have cats for sale and cat toys to go along with the healthy cat food.That covers the two main pets – dogs and cats – but what about other small pets? Like gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, mice, ferrits and rabits? And a pet lineup wouldn’t be complete without reptiles – Friend-Lee pets has reptiles for sale and all of your freshwater fish needs, including aquariums. If you’re looking for just one pet, you can adopt a pet here or adopt a homeless pet. You can even visit if you choose.

If you’d rather keep it local (and Friend-Lee pets hopes you do) stop by and meet the Friendly Pets at FriendLeePets on Concord Road in New Hampshire

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